Riverview Poultry
All our chicken derives from Smithville, Ontario from Riverview Poultry Farms. Being established in 1960, Riverview provides antiobiotic and hormone free chicken that meets the top quality standards of The Meat Shoppe. Always fresh and never frozen, their chicken has continued to be safe and excellent for the many decades that they have been open for.



Norpac Beef
Opening its doors on June 1st, 1954, Norpac Beef has pursued top quality AAA beef since its founding in Norwich, Ontario. Known as the beef people, Norpac has always been producing fresh and never frozen beef for The Meat Shoppe. It never fails at living up to its many years of experience. The AAA beef provided has always been safe and will continue to do so as long as Norpac Beef continues its fine work. 


Has been providing superb pork to the Meat Shoppe that is not enhanced with chemicals or any preservatives. Since its founding in 1982, it now has over 160 farms all located in Southern Ontario that are dedicated to producing safe and delicious pork. Located in Woolwich, Ontario, they continue to obtain the goal of quality products. 


Highland Packers
Ever since 1958 Highland Packers has been a privately owned and family run business dedicated to top quality meats. Located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Highland has provided The Meat Shoppe with safe and superb veal. Proudly advertising that all of their products are 100% Canadian. 


Brandt Meats
Solely dedicated to producing top quality deli meats, the Mississauga located business has been providing delicious products since its opening in 1958. At The Meat Shoppe we also have an amazing deli which displays many of the top quality Brandt products that we invite you to come see.




Country Meats

Country Meats is located in Utopia, Ontario and has been serving only A grade beef products for many years. Also home to grain fed and antibiotic free chicken, Country Meats has the same values as The Meat Shoppe. 


Springer's Meats

Purchased by Walter Mueller Sr. in 1986, Springer's has won countless awards since then for their products produced only in Ontario. A family business we trust from hotdogs to bacon, Springer's Meats has been dedicated to quality meat just like us for many years.